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GEOLIFT carries out specialized work, which can stabilize the soil, lift or level the floor, foundation. No need for excavation or demolition with GEOLIFT technology. Work is done cleanly and quickly. They are often matched in a way that does not interfere with the client's normal rhythm, regardless of the static purpose or activity. Our team is a specialist in the field with more than 10 years of experience in the field of construction, covering geology, geotechnics, materials science. Team members are constantly upgrading their skills and doing internships in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the USA.


Tel: + 370 673 92 142 |  Email: info@geolift.eu




Repair works in rail, airport, road and port environments.


Industrial buildings floors and machinery bases stabilization and re-leveling quickly and with minimal impact of processes. 


GEOLIFT relevel it without excavation, quick and effectively.


Most advantaged expanded geopolymer injection

Zero excavation, zero demolition work

Does not use heavy machinery

Quick and minimal disruption

Reinforced the sub-floor in the area surrounding



Laurynas Eimontas, Vievis

Incredible team, amazing technology.

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Tel: +370 673 92 142  |  Email: info@geolift.eu


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