Little tricks
for the big fix.


GEOLIFT’s specialists are qualified in geology, geotechnics, and materials science and keep up-to-date with the latest trends to achieve the highest quality and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

We will lift and stabilise any sinking building. Our team fixes over over 100 objects every year.

Geolift experts will help you if you have a sinking building, house, concrete floor, foundation, concrete sidewalk, airfield, paved road or any other place/structure that needs repair.

Team members

Geolift grindu pakelimas

Rita Toleikytė

Valdas Kordusas_Geolift

Valdas Kordušas

Egle Bertuliene_Geolift

Eglė Bertulienė

Chief Accountant
Gert Hirv_Geolift

Gert Hirv

Regional Manager for Estonia
Zydrunas Ruseckas_Geolift

Žydrūnas Ruseckas

Regional Manager
Vygantas Sukys_Geolift

Vygantas Šukys

Regional Manager
Zanas Paskevicius_Geolift

Žanas Paškevičius

Sales manager
Tadas Cizius_Geolift

Tadas Čižius

Regional Manager

Kalev Korb

Technical Consultant
Alexander Krysiak_Geolift

Alexander Krysiak

Regional Manager for Poland
Neringa Cepone

Neringa Čeponė

Marketing manager