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Sinking floor in a new house

geolift atlikti darbai simptomai naujame name
geolift atlikti darbai sprendimai naujame name


The flooring in a house built three years ago started to sink – there was a gap between the floor and the skirting board. The interior walls were also starting to crack.

The problem

The analysis showed that the problem was caused by a layer of soil filling that was not properly compacted. Over time, the soil settles, and so does the floor and the shallow foundation of the non-load-bearing wall.


Upon arrival on site, the team reinforced the soil with geopolymer injections and raised the floor to its original level within a few hours. Injections under the wall foundations reinforced the soil and raised the wall to its original position.

Geolift atlikti darbai simptomai nusede grindys
Geolift atlikti darbai nusede grindys_sprendimai
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Construction mistakes settled the floor

geolift atlikti darbai simptomai
geolift atlikti darbai sprendimai


The owners carried out repairs in the house, but the floor continued to settle, and the gap between the floor and the wall grew wider and wider, and then the floor started to ripple.

The problem

The problem was caused by selecting the wrong thermal insulation material under the floor during construction and using a layer of concrete flooring that was too thin.


All the investigations were carried out, the technological errors were identified, and the floor assembly was reinforced. The floor was raised with the help of geopolymer injections.

geolift atlikti darbai simptomai statybos klaidos
geolift atlikti darbai sprendimai statybos klaidos
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Unstable soils under a boiler house

Geolift atlikti darbai_katiline
Geolift atlikti darbai_sprendimai katiline


The boiler pumping equipment had started to constantly vibrate. This led to particularly rapid bearing wear, increased maintenance requirements and equipment failures.

The problem

The pumps were built on a concrete floor without a separate foundation. The analysis of the situation revealed loose soils from a depth of 1.5 m. The concrete floor was unstable under vibrations and was an unsuitable base. Nevertheless, the pumps should have continued to operate without stopping.


The soils were stabilised and reinforced by deep geopolymer injections. The work, carried out in just a few hours, has already paid off, with the equipment running smoothly without vibrations, extending the equipment life.

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Slipping soil under old foundations in Ilzenberg Manor

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Unstable poured soils in a shopping centre

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Sinking floor due to unprepared soil during construction


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