Commercial real estate, industry repair, and concrete lifting solutions with Geolift. We use geopolymer leveling solutions to restore your sinking foundation and lift your property to its original height and shape.

We fix your foundation or concrete slab quickly, cleanly, and efficiently

Our team can assess and solve different types of problems that may arise in connection with a sunken object. We always organize our work together with the owner or manager to avoid any delays and ensure that each step of the process is completed according to the plan. With the Geolift injection method, there is no need for you to move your machines, equipment, storage shelves, or tools. In some cases, it is even unnecessary to remove concrete slab or soil to assess the soil’s real situation and condition under it.

The Geolift solution is used to lift and level the sunken floor concrete slabs. As geopolymers have high density, enormous expansion force, and resistance to moisture, water, or low oxygen under the ground, they fill all gaps and restore the structure to its former shape and position. Not only is it pleasing visually, but it also guarantees safety so you could continue your business without any distractions or obstacles.

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