We will restore the sunken concrete soil, concrete roads, pavements, and sidewalks of your infrastructure by lifting it and filling in the gaps.

Infrastructure lifting solutions with Geolift

With our newest Geolift technological solutions, we will ensure that your soil stays stable for a long time.

There is nothing worse than sunken soil that carries down a concrete slab, asphalt pavement, or paving stones. Such a situation can disrupt your plans and even become dangerous if heavy equipment is used in a site with unstable soil.

Repairing and stabilizing the soil with the Geolift solution is fast and clean. We also make sure not to interrupt your daily routine so that your work could continue while we are fixing your infrastructure.

We understand the nature of our work, and we are always prepared to lift the concrete slab and stabilize the ground even under heavy aircraft, such as Boeings or Airbuses, which might weigh from 40 to 80 tons.

All sunken pavements (asphalt roads, railways, dams, etc.) can be lifted to their original height and shape. Under those pavements, the voids are filled with a stable and long-lasting geopolymer that withstands heavy loads and provides even more support.

Geolift is your long-term solution for a sunken infrastructure. We will lift, level, and fill different parts of the sunken ground, ensuring quality and longevity.

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