Infrastructure groundlifting solutions with Geolift

We will restore the sunken concrete soil, asphalt roads, pavement stone and sidewalks of your infrastructure, lift the sunken soil and fill in the gaps and voids inside it, we will ensure the long-term stability of the soil with the Geolift solution we install.


There is nothing worse than sunken soil that carries down a concrete slab, asphalt pavement or paving stones. The entire normal

life cycle is disrupted and can even be dangerous if heavy equipment is used on various sites of a sunken infrastructure on a daily basis, which can tip over or cause serious damage.

Repairing and stabilizing the soil with the Geolift solution is fast and clean, and your normal rhythm of life is not disturbed.


We have to deal with very big challenges, and it is not a problem for us to lift the concrete slab and stabilize the ground even under the load of Boeing or Airbus aircraft, which, unlike the aircraft type, can weigh from 40 tons up to 80 tons.

Asphalt roads, railways and sunken dams - all sunken pavements can be lifted back and the voids under them can be filled with a stable and long-lasting geopolymer that can withstand heavy loads and provide support.


The Geolift solution lifts, levels and fills different parts of sunken infrastructure, ensures their long-term operation and saves you time and money for decades.

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