Stabilization of a falling foundation or concrete floor

If you have the following situation:

- cracks in the walls

- sloping or sunken floors

- stuck windows, doors
- cracks in the foundation

- unstable soil

It's time to contact us for a "FREE" check.

Our advantages:

- professionals in the field

- GEOLIFT solution that makes repairs easy, clean and fast.

- We do not ask you to leave home while the work is in progress

- Helping to restore the security of your home

- our solution does not require excavation, landscaping, relocation of furniture or fittings, etc.

Strengthening the foundations

The foundation is the most important part of the building. Failure to carry out geological surveys, incorrect execution, design or construction errors often lead to unacceptable collapse of the structure and load-bearing structure. This can also be due to incorrectly planned reconstruction, which can change the values ​​of foundation loads. In addition, leaking utilities, such as water supply, heating networks or sewerage, can weaken the ground. For these reasons, the wall does not have a load-bearing function, the structure may become unstable or even collapse. In such a situation, specialists must be contacted immediately, who will quickly assess the situation and perform the necessary work. Timely stabilization of the soil under the foundation helps to stop the situation, and in many cases we can restore the position of the foundation or wall to its original position. It is noteworthy that, thanks to the technology, work is carried out without excavation or demolition work. The process is clean, fast and does not cause additional worries such as restoring the original situation, moving out of the house, relocating furniture, etc.

GEOLIFT team - our engineers can handle even the most difficult situations.

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