Our solution does not require excavation, landscaping, or relocation of furniture.

Stabilize your falling foundation or concrete floor

If you have the following situation:

  • cracks in the walls or foundation
  • sloping or sunken floors
  • sagging windows, doors
  • unstable soil

It’s time to contact us for a “FREE” check.

Our advantages:

  • professionals with years of experience in the industry
  • GEOLIFT solution ensures easy, clean, and fast work.
  • We do not ask you to leave home while the work is in progress
  • We restore the safety of your home and foundation.
  • our solution does not require excavation, landscaping, or relocation of furniture

Strengthening the foundation

The foundation is an essential part of the building. Failure to carry out geological surveys and ensure quality execution in design or construction might eventually damage the structure. Poorly planned reconstruction often creates an overload of the foundation. In addition, leaking utilities, such as water supply, heating networks, or sewerage, can weaken the ground under. If these processes continue for a long time, the structure might eventually crack or collapse.
If you detect any signs that your foundation is damaged, contact specialists immediately so they could assess the situation and perform the necessary work. A timely stabilization of the soil under the foundation stops any further damage. Furthermore, we are often able to restore the position of the foundation or wall to its original position. Thanks to the newest technologies, all the work is completed without excavating or demolishing the soil or structure. The process is clean, fast, and does not require any extra preparation, such as moving out of the house or relocating furniture.
GEOLIFT – our team of engineers can handle even the most difficult situations.

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