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Working with geopolymers since 2013, we have improved the technology and applied many of the techniques widely used in the market today.

In 2021, Geolift technology was recognised as the most innovative solution for building stability in Europe.

Geolift grindu pakelimas stabilizavimas

neutral geopolymers

GEOLIFT technology uses the injection of a geopolymer into the soil to reinforce soils and increase their bearing capacity.

The environmentally neutral geopolymers can be injected into the ground at any time of the day or night without the need to pull equipment, furniture or display goods to carry out the work and without the need for businesses, shops or warehouses to stop operations.

Through holes drilled at a suitable depth of 10-12 millimetres, the geopolymer penetrates all the cracks and weak areas in the soil. As it expands, it strengthens the soil and ensures the stability of the structures above. These injections of geopolymer are made until the structure regains its original level. The geopolymer quickly consolidates and becomes a sturdy, waterproof geological material that ensures long-term quality and strength.

Eliminates the cause

When the stability of buildings is addressed by reinforcing the soil with geopolymer injections, this technology is often a much more attractive alternative than rebuilding the entire building or making permanent repairs, which are inevitable without addressing the real cause of the problem, i.e. the unstable soil.

Geolift solves the effects of floor settlement with Geopolymer injections and also eliminates the causes.

Geolift technologija pamatu sutvirtinimas
Geolift technologija apdovanojimas Europoje

The best solution in Europe

In 2021, Geolift technology was recognised as the most innovative solution for building stability at the European Innovation & Excellence Awards.

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards jury recognises companies that demonstrate an innovative approach based on international success and achievement.

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