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Geolift paslaugos Grindų pakėlimas

Floor lifting

In most cases, it is sufficient for floor lifting with geopolymer injections to carry out the work externally. In some cases, it may be done internally. The drilling location is agreed with the client, and minimal intervention is made with a hole up to 10 mm in diameter.

Foundation reinforcement

Foundation settlement is a long process, and not all effects are visible to the naked eye.

Each case is unique. Therefore, it is important to assess the depth, width, type, soil properties, the time and course of settlement, the location of the surrounding pipelines and drains and their condition.

In the event of foundation settlement, the best solution is to stabilise the foundation with nature-neutral geopolymers to prevent further settlement.

Geolift paslaugos_pamatu sutvirtinimas
Geolift paslaugos Grunto stabilizavimas

Soil stabilisation

Foundation stabilisation is done using soil reinforcement, which means that the problem is solved by stabilising the soil under the foundation.

Stabilisation can be carried out in cases where the foundations are shallower than the frost zone, which is 1.2 m.

So-called cushions are formed under the foundation, which increases the bearing area of the foundation and strengthens it.


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